November 29, 2021

The Best Self-Care Routine for Sagittarius

The Best Self-Care Routine for Sagittarius

What is Sagittarius

Happy Sagittarius season! As the charismatic Archer steps into the spotlight, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Sagittarius during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not a Sagittarius, you can use this guide to help your Sagittarius friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Sagittarius season. Check back next month for a new routine to help you through Capricorn season.

Sagittarius is one of
the happiest signs in the entire zodiac. They don’t stress easily, and they
rarely carry it around for long periods like some of their closest neighbors.
However, no one is immune to the need for self-care, not even the lucky Archer.
So, what is Sagittarius self-care? It’s a lot of travel, either abroad, or from
their armchair with a book. It’s sweating it out in a cycling class or losing
themselves on the back of a horse. Sagittarius self-care is a lot of outdoor
activity, indulging their wanderlust, and a great deal of fun.

What Stresses a
Sagittarius Out?

Sagittarius is the
epitome of a free spirit. They don’t like to be held down by commitments,
especially relationship commitments, at least when they’re young. However,
Sagittarius is also an extremely loving, caring individual, which can sometimes
lead people to assume more than is meant. Such mistakes can cause the
fun-loving Archer a great deal of stress because then they have to clear up a
misunderstanding that was caused by pure good nature. They have a very restless
personality, which is half the reason they don’t enjoy the idea of being tied
to a person or a place for too long, and going too long without expending some
energy, or without getting a chance to visit a new location for too long can
cause them a lot of stress. It may seem trivial to an outsider, but Sagittarius
is the sign of travel and exploration, and wanderlust is literally in their
blood. They’re also extremely generous individuals, who are more than happy to
foot the bill for anyone who may be short on funds at the moment. And since
details aren’t exactly their strongest point, Sagittarius can accidentally
drain their finances while helping others out, which will cause them a great
deal of stress when they realize their mistake.

Self-Care for the Mind
of a Sagittarius

  • Morning Routine- Sagittarius is naturally
    optimistic and social but starting the day early with an upbeat playlist or some
    quiet meditation certainly helps set the right mood. Afterward, an early
    workout or taking time to work on personal projects before work is the best way
    to ensure they have a good day. If they have nothing else going on, doing
    research for one of their many dream trips will ensure that every cloud has a
    silver lining.
  • Reading- When they can’t travel, Sagittarius will
    take every opportunity to expand their knowledge by picking up a book. They’re
    particularly fond of philosophy, inspirational narratives, and travel writing
    (obviously), but they’re just as enthusiastic about fiction too. Having an
    active imagination is an asset when traveling the world and meeting new people,
    so why would the Archer turn their nose up at that?
  • Artistic Events- When it comes to expanding the
    mind, nothing is better than hands-on experience. This is why Sagittarius is
    usually first in line for every cultural event, food tasting, museum opening,
    and art exhibit they can get tickets for. Everything, from the socializing to
    the learning experience to the novelty is a joy for them.

Self-Care for the Body
of a Sagittarius

  • Spin Class/Cycling- Sagittarius has a lot of energy to burn, and they like being active, so joining a spin class is the perfect exercise routine for them. If they don’t feel like being cooped up indoors, grabbing some friends to do a challenging cycling route for a few hours will do just as well.
  • Yoga- Sagittarius gets restless easily, which makes yoga an excellent activity for the Archer. It will help to calm their mind while keeping their body engaged and challenged. It’s also something they can do with friends, or in the comfort of their own home if they’re in need of some solitude. And since Sagittarius rules the thighs and hips, it’s a wonderful way for them to focus on an area of the body that can often cause them problems.
  • Sleep- Sagittarius is a sign famous for working on almost no sleep when they’re excited about something. Well, that’s all well and good, but eventually, they’re going to crash because everyone needs to sleep, whether they like it or not. If possible, try to make a deal with an enthusiastic, workaholic Sagittarius to get them to bed for about 5-6 hours. At any other time, they really should get around 8-9 hours of sleep like the rest of us. And of course, all things health-related should be discussed with a medical professional.

Self-Care for the Heart
of a Sagittarius

  • Romantic Partners- Sagittarius doesn’t like to be tied down, so it won’t be surprising if they spend most of their 20s and early 30s single or in and out of short relationships. Contrary to popular belief though, Sagittarius isn’t opposed to a long-term relationship, they just need to find the right person first. Their partner has to be very open-minded, supportive, but clear-sighted and logical, a true equal to Sagittarius who can keep up with them, but also help keep their feet on the ground. The Archer is one of the most generous lovers of the zodiac and will support their partner both financially and emotionally without asking for anything in return. So, they have to be extremely careful to not let the relationship completely overrule the life that they led before it started.
  • Friends- Friendly, open, and fun, Sagittarius has a wide and diverse circle of friends. When they want to relax and need a laugh, these are the people Sagittarius turns to. They’re also the people that Sagittarius is most likely to spend all of their money on, because Sagittarius loves going out with people, and loves to take care of them too. What the charismatic Archer needs to bear in mind is that no one is going to love them less if they don’t pay for every round of drinks, or if they choose to only pay for their own food for once.
  • Family-Sagittarius can seem rather careless of family ties, but that doesn’t mean support and love don’t exist. Sagittarius holds a great deal of love for their family, even if they only visit once or twice a year. The world is too big a place to be tied down to a single location for too long, and their family tends to understand that. The unspoken rule for Sagittarius is that the world is their home, but they can always go back to where it all started when they need to.

Self-Care for the Spirit
of a Sagittarius

  • Meditation- With so much restless energy
    thrumming through them all the time, traditional meditation methods rarely work
    well for Sagittarius. Fortunately, the simple act of going for a walk is just
    as effective. Being able to take a few moments to get away from everyone,
    breathe the fresh air, and let some of their excess energy go does wonders for
    calming down even the most jittery of Centaurs.
  • Giving Back- Like their best friend, Aquarius,
    Sagittarius is extremely passionate about justice and overthrowing the status
    quo. When they find a cause that matters to them, their enthusiasm ignites like
    the element they were born under, and they go all in. It doesn’t matter to them
    who doesn’t like it or how difficult it may be to help out; once Sagittarius
    has adopted a cause, they’ll see it through.

What Relaxes a

  • Spending Time with Animals- Sagittarius loves
    hanging out with people, but that sometimes leads many to assume that they’re
    far more committed than they actually are, be it to a relationship or an
    organization. Such expectations can make spending time with people stressful,
    which is why the Centaur loves spending time with animals so much. Animals have
    no actual expectations to project onto Sagittarius, and they, in turn, don’t
    have to put up a front or try to back out of anything they unintentionally gave
    rise to with animals. They can just relax and enjoy their company, which is all
    both parties really want or need.
  • Travel- Sagittarius rules travel, they are the
    wandering sign, and nothing soothes their soul more. It doesn’t matter if
    they’re getting on a plane to go clear across the world, or just taking a day
    trip to a town a few hours away. As long as it’s new, and their horizons are
    expanding, they’ll find that peace that their spirit always longs for. It’s
    especially relaxing when they can get away on their own, for as much of a
    social butterfly as Sagittarius normally is, even they need a little time
    alone. They don’t have to do the whole trip alone but taking a few hours to
    browse some local markets on their own time or to take a solitary walk on the
    beach is the perfect way to ease any lingering tension they may be carrying

Activities Where a
Sagittarius Can Let Go

  • Horseback Riding- Sagittarius is an extreme outdoors type of person, and they adore animals. Their symbol is also the Centaur Archer, so is it really a shock that they would have a fondness for horseback riding? Whether it’s taking off into the backcountry for a bit with only the horse for company, or booking a vacation that involves cross-country horseback riding, Sagittarius will feel free and fulfilled, and that’s really all they’re looking for in life.
  • Hiking- Speaking of extreme outdoor activities, Sagittarius loves hiking. Long weekends in the wilderness while hiking up mountain trails is one of their favorite pastimes. They find it soothing, since like most Fire signs, nature has a calming effect on them, and it also fulfills their need for activity, because not all hiking trails are created equal, and frankly, Sagittarius isn’t going to pick a beginner’s trail.

Sagittarius Guilty

  • Dancing- The Archer loves all things active and social. Combine those, you have a dance party, and they will go all out with it. They may not leave the dance floor all night. But they’re just as happy to indulge in a solo dance party at home if they’re feeling restless enough. Sagittarius doesn’t actually need anyone else to make their own fun, they just tend to prefer it if other people are around.
  • Writing- Sagittarius is a natural storyteller, it’s part of what makes them such a sociable sign in the first place. But if they don’t have anyone to talk to, they’ll write their stories down, true or made up, it doesn’t matter. Fiction, nonfiction, blogging, journaling, or even fan fiction, they love writing all of it as much as they love reading it. Whether they will share it with anyone is another matter entirely, though Sagittarius is not usually the shy type.

Resting the Spirit

Sagittarius is a social
butterfly of the highest order. They love spending time with their friends,
meeting new people, hearing their stories, and having new experiences. But they
can easily wear themselves into exhaustion if they don’t take a little bit of
time to just be alone with themselves and let the world that they love to
experience so much calm them down too. They are fully aware of how beautiful
the world is, hence, their frantic need to explore it all. But if they don’t
take the time to stop and breathe it in, they’ll miss out on some of their
favorite parts.

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